Sisters Who…Are Thankful


I start every prayer with giving thanks. I thank God for my many blessings and then I get specific. On days that I’m grumpy or tired or aggravated, it helps to shift my attitude and perspective when I say specific things I am thankful for.

I had some hard conversations with a couple family members last week and it drained me emotionally. I was tired and sad and I felt broken. I decided that I didn’t want to curl up in my bed and ignore my feelings. I wanted to face them and find a more constructive way to deal with them. So, I started praying and telling God all the things I was thankful for. It changed my perspective and allowed me to enjoy my day.

We have talked a lot about perspective in our Book Club, Book Club Sisterhood. Appreciating the little things around you helps you to look for more things to be thankful for. If you are focusing on the bad things in your life then you will continue to find bad things to focus on. I was late to work one day and decided not to let it ruin my whole day. I started naming things I was thankful for. A safe ride to work, healthy kids, having a job, etc. As I named them I realized I had a lot to be happy about and there was no point in focusing on the fact that I was late. Instead, I reminded myself I was salary and I didn’t even have to clock in! I could just stay a little later that day to make up for it.

I know it is not easy to battle depression and anxiety. I’m not minimizing that at all. I also know that God has helped me when I’ve walked through tough days and I know there’s nothing He can’t do. So let’s try to focus on what we are thankful for today and let God take care of the rest.

Happy Thanksgiving and may God bless you.

Dear God, please help me to be thankful for all You have provided. Thank you for sending your son to die for my sins. Thank you for my family and my friends, a roof over my head, and food in my belly. Lord, I know I will walk through tough times in this life so I ask You to help me see the good things along the road. I love You Lord. Amen.

Sisters Who…Struggle.


Psalm 23:4-6 has been a guiding passage for me this last few weeks. I would like to share a bit of my journey through these verses.

When I walked through the valley of my husband having open heart surgery a couple weeks ago, I was not afraid. It is only by God’s grace that we were not scared. I knew God was taking the lead because I felt His peace. It was undeniable that He was guiding us. We clung to each other and to God before, during, and after the surgery. God has provided everything we needed from the beginning.

The morning my husband started to have chest pain, he was walking out of work. I text him to make sure he was staying late as he had told me he was a few days before. He had forgotten and had walked out to his car by the time I text him. He was already having chest pain and had to walk back in to work. Which made the pain worse. If he had gotten into his car and came home, he may not have been able to get to the hospital in time. He had a heart attack while in the cath lab. God interceded so that he was inside the hospital, not on his way home, when the pain got worse.

This year has been challenging for everyone. I have seen God show up so many times in the midst of this though. My husband got through his surgery without any complications and was even discharged from the hospital a day before they normally discharge someone after open heart surgery. Everyone was impressed with his energy and willingness to get moving. He has been in good spirits through this whole ordeal and has grown closer to God as well. Praise God!

This promise keeps me going. I know that He is always with me and loves me unconditionally. There is nothing I could ever do to make Him not love me. And He loves you too!! He saves us a place in His house when we give our lives to Him.

God is SO good….ALL the time! Not just when things are good. Not just when things work out. We need to praise Him IN the storm! Right in the middle of it.

Dear God, thank you for your kindness and mercy. Thank you for loving me no matter what. Thank you for being with me in the middle of my struggles. You never leave me or forsake me and I will cling to that as I walk through valleys in this life. You are amazing. Amen

Sisters Who…Seek First.


We all say some version of the following… “I love tacos!” “I love (insert favorite sports team here)” “I love the beach!”

When have any of those things loved you back? Yet we make them the most important or sought after things in our lives. I am guilty of this. I have put “things” in my life before I have allowed God space in my life. I have caught up on my social media feeds before praying. I have played games on my phone before reading the Bible. Then, oops, there’s no time for that now. My kids are awake and it’s time to get them ready for school.

Now I don’t always do it perfectly but I have made a conscious effort this year to start my day focusing on God. My morning routine is to wake up before my kids, read my Bible, read my devotion, and pray. And it has made a huge difference in my relationship with Him.

When my husband called me from work and told me he was having chest pain 2 weeks ago, I knew it wasn’t just any chest pain. I knew something was wrong. I immediately started to pray. I asked God to keep His hands over my husband and to heal him. I had an overwhelming peace wash over me that only God can give. And that peace stayed with me over the next, very long, week. My husband had a heart attack and had to have open heart surgery.

It was a busy week to say the least. Not only was I trying to be there for my husband, our kids still needed to be taken to school, our family still needed to eat, and our lives kept moving. We had hundreds of people all over the world lifting us up in prayer. We know God provided for us because no one else could do what He did. Our church family provided meals, friends and family helped with the kids, and we made it through with peace and love in our hearts. Even on the morning of his surgery, we felt calm. The surgeons are very skilled and God lined everything up perfectly so that my husband could get the help he needed. As my husband said, “God wouldn’t get us this far then leave us.” Something that helped me a lot was that my husband stayed calm too. He felt God’s protection that so many people had prayed for.

God provides. He loves us unconditionally. All we need to do is open our hearts to Him and we will see His love and protection over our lives. God has given us the freedom to choose Him. He wants us to choose Him. Seek FIRST His kingdom…and He will provide.

Dear God, thank you for this day. Thank you for your mercy and grace. You protect and provide for me every day. Help me to choose Your love and to see Your mighty hand in my life. Amen

Sisters Who…Let Go


One morning last year, I sat listening to Rachel and Dave Hollis’ morning show. Rachel began to tell a familiar anecdote. There had been a flood and a man is on top of his roof begging God for help. Another man comes by with a boat and says, “get in”. The man on the roof says, “no thanks, God will save me.” This happens 2 more times with a raft and a kayak. The man again replies, “no, God will save me.” Of course, the man dies. When he gets to Heaven he asks God, “why didn’t you save me?” God said, “I sent you a boat, a raft, AND a kayak!”

At the time, we were struggling financially. My husband was searching for a second job but he has some health issues. I was concerned about a job that he was interviewing for that day. I had warned him against taking it because it would be really hard to get any sleep working 2 full time jobs. I knew it wouldn’t be good for him. When I heard Rachel tell that story I instantly started crying. God impressed upon me in that moment, “Kristie, I’m sending you help. Just let me help.”

So I text my husband and said, “if they offer you the job, take it if you feel it is right for you.” Then I began to pray. Through tears I quietly told God that I trusted Him. If we had to walk through a tough time to make it work, I knew God would provide for us and protect my husband. I had to let go…

Well, he didn’t get the job. But he did start getting overtime at work! It was the help we had been praying for, just not the way we expected it. All I had to do was have faith and trust that God knew what was best for us.

I was never in control. And that’s so hard to hear and to let go of. Jesus is the captain, flying the plane. I have never flown a plane before, so I will let Him fly it. God provided for us in a way I could have never predicted! And that’s the point!

God has promised to never leave us or forsake us. We are His! That’s not a promise He takes lightly. There will be hard times here on Earth, but doesn’t that make Heaven seem so much sweeter?

Dear God, help me to surrender my whole life to you. I want to trust your guidance and knowledge. Help me to see that what I think is best isn’t always right. You have a plan for my life and I need only to trust you and let you fly the plane. Thank you God for watching out for me and never leaving me. Amen.

Sisters Who…Fear the Lord


I didn’t fully understand what the Fear of the Lord is. If you struggle to understand as well, here is what God shared with me. Fear of the Lord means to be in awe of His mighty power. Nothing can outpower God. The Devil tried that….we know how that turned out!

The word Awe means a feeling of reverential respect (Wikipedia).

We usually use the word “fear” to mean we are scared of something. God helped me see that “Fear of the Lord” is not being scared of Him. My friend, Janine Lansing, uses this example, “if you fear a spider you are giving it power over you”. Obviously a spider has no real power over us, but God does! To fear Him means to revere and respect Him. Fearing Him means to be in awe of His mercy and grace.

The most important thing God did for us was send His son to save us from the evil in this world. We don’t deserve it. That’s mercy. He gave us something we didn’t earn. That’s grace.

To know God better, and have a closer relationship with Him, we must begin by fearing (being in awe of) Him. If you would like to dig deeper into understanding and the knowledge of God, here’s what helped me.

  1. Reading the Bible- I’ve found that the more I read, the more I want to read and see what God has to teach me. There is so much to learn from the stories in the Bible!
  2. Praying- I started praying in the car when I’m alone. I talk to God out loud like I am talking to a friend riding in the car with me. He has shown me some awesome things when I give Him my time.
  3. Putting God first- I get up early, before my kids, to spend time with God. I find that if I start my day with Him, it goes much better!

    Dear God, please help me to understand the fear of the Lord. Please help me to be in awe of your mighty power. Lord, thank you for having mercy and grace with me. I don’t deserve it but you offer it to me without question. I am so thankful for all You have sacrificed so I can be in Heaven with you someday. Please help me to keep my focus on You and to reflect Your light to those around me. You are the Almighty God and I’m so thankful You know my name and have promised to provide for me. I love you, God. Amen

Sisters Who…fear not


Psalm 46: 1-3 “God is our refuge and strength, always ready to help in times of trouble. So we will not fear when earthquakes come and the mountains crumble into the sea. Let the oceans roar and foam. Let the mountains tremble as the waters surge!”

Refuge~ someone or something providing shelter

Strength~ a person or thing perceived as a source of mental or emotional support.

This year has been full of “earthquakes”, “mountains crumbling”, “oceans roaring”, and “waters surging”. And it’s not over yet. I love that these verses are saying nothing that happens on Earth can change who God is. “He is the same yesterday, today, and forever.” Hebrews 13:8

God will always provide shelter (refuge) for you. He will always provide mental and emotional support (strength) for you. He wants to be so close to you, you need only to whisper your prayers and He will hear them. We talk about perspective a lot. In the picture below, which is bigger the mountain or the pile of stones? Notice I didn’t say which “looks” bigger. Of course the mountain is bigger but from that perspective the pile of rocks looks bigger.

The stones are small, but because they are so close, like God, they appear large. God is larger than any problem we could ever face. In Psalm 46:9 the Bible says, “He causes wars to end throughout the earth. He breaks the bow and snaps the spear; he burns the shields with fire.” He can free you from your fears. He is your refuge and strength. Trust God to be your refuge.

Dear God, please help me to focus on my faith in you, not my fear. I want to trust your protection over my life. Please help me to be at peace with You by my side. Amen.

Sisters Who…Have Perspective


My kids love to look at themselves in their spoons when they eat cereal. They look on one side and they are right side up. They look on the other side and they are upside down. They laugh and think that is so cool!

Do you see your life as upside down, nothing going right, or right side up, full of joy with God as the center? Even when your life is full of sorrow, you can still find joy. It’s all about perspective. We are going to go through hard times but if we keep God as the center of our lives, He will carry us through the rough patches. That’s His promise to us in Hebrews 13:5b, “God has said, ‘Never will I leave younever will I forsake you.’ ”

When you walk through life looking for things to be aggravated about, you will find them. When you walk through life looking for things to be grateful for, you will find them. My kids are doing virtual school this week. (Let’s pause for prayer for all parents, teachers, and students doing virtual school. No seriously, bow your head right now. We need prayer…) Going into this week I have been a little rattled. I am running a business, trying to keep up with house work, work a part time job, and now…virtual school? The changes we have gone through this year never seem to end and that causes me anxiety. I found myself sitting at the table with a 6 year old that didn’t want to listen while his teacher was teaching, trying to work, and wondering how to fit in lunch. I had to walk away. I went outside to sit on the porch and pray. I had to bring God back to the center of my situation and ask Him to take over. I asked him to help me be a great mom, a good business woman, and to follow the plan laid out for me. And I started saying, out loud, what I am grateful for. I don’t think you can be frustrated and grateful at the same time. When you start thanking God for what you have, you aren’t upset anymore. Try it sometime. I have done this with my husband. When I get frustrated with what he is NOT doing, I start thinking about what he HAS done. And I tell him, out loud, what I am thankful for that he has done. It has changed our relationship. It can also change your life if you start offering Thanks up to God every day.

No one counted on this year going the way it has but relying on God has gotten me through and I’m still smiling. Maybe not all day every day but I still smile and enjoy the extra time with my kids and try to do the best I can with what I have been given.

How are you making the best out of the life you have? Do you believe God has this whole thing orchestrated so that you win in the end? I do. How can we look forward to Heaven if this life isn’t challenging? What we do with this life determines our eternity. Find the Joy you so desperately need. I promise, it’s worth it.

Dear God, thank you for so many blessings. You have provided everything I need, not when i wanted it but exactly when I needed it. You give peace and grace even when I don’t deserve it. You love me despite all the times I’ve turned my back on you. Thank you for always being there, close enough to hear me whisper your name. Please guide me through this life so that I may spend eternity with You. Amen.

Sisters Who…Go With the Flow


There is a flow order you should follow when you are living “in Christ”. (I talked about this in our Monday Motivation last week. Check it out HERE on our page)

The flow is: Your Heart (verses 1-17) ➡️ Your Family (v. 18-21) ➡️ Your Coworkers (v.22- 25) ➡️ Everyone else

I want to focus on Your Heart today. Did you notice, self care is taught first in this chapter? It’s not a mistake that Paul teaches us to take care of our hearts first. So then why do we sacrifice our needs for the needs of others? I feel like a broken record but someone needs to hear this today… You Can’t Pour From An Empty Cup! God tells us not to!

Paul show us the dos and don’ts of how to fill your cup in the first 17 verses of Colossians 3. He explains how to live a New Life “in Christ”. He says to turn away from “anger, rage, malicious behavior, slander, and dirty language” (verse 8). He goes on to say, “In this New Life, it doesn’t matter if you are a Jew or a Gentile, circumcised or uncircumcised, barbaric, uncivilized, slave, or free.” I want to add… gay or straight, Republican or Democrat, black or tan or white. “Christ is all that matters, and he lives in all of us.” (verse 11). This new life doesn’t discriminate. ALL people have the opportunity to enjoy the New Life God is offering us. There is no room for judgement. You need only to “clothe yourselves with love, which binds us all together in perfect harmony.” (verse 14).

When your heart is filled with joy, love, and a deep desire to know God more, you don’t have room for anger, judgement, and contempt. Focus on the God who created you, forgave you, and sought you out to give you New Life.

Fill up your cup and allow God to be in charge of where you are pouring it. Pour into yourself first so that you can pour into others freely.

Dear God, please help me look to You when I struggle with things of this world. Help me to remember that even though I am in the world I am not to be of the world. Thank you for leaving your flock to come find me, a lost sheep. Thank you for the guidance You provide through your Word. Please lead my heart to love, have joy, and seek to know you better. Amen


Sisters Who…are surrounded

“This is how I fight my battles. This is how I fight my battles. It may look like I’m surrounded but I’m surrounded by You!” ~UpperRoom

This is the song I woke up to the other day. This song kept playing in my head until I finally sat down and listened to the whole song and received the message I was guided to share. I also love to read the Verse of the Day on (Also available as YouVersion app on your mobile device). That day the verse was Exodus 14:14, “The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still.” I don’t believe in coincidences. This is a message I was being led to share.

There is a quote from Rachel Hollis, “Maybe you have been given your mountain to show other people it can be moved.” I feel a strong call to share my experiences with women because God needs you to know that you are not alone. We have all walked through dark times. It isn’t easy but it is important to remember that you can ‘t choose to stop going through the darkness. But you can choose How you go through it. We talk about perspective a lot in our Book Club. If you think you’re going to have a good day, you probably will. If you think you’re going to have a bad day, you probably will. Life can be tough, but you have the power to focus on the good instead of the bad.

Here’s an example, I got to work late one day. Then I had to park 8 blocks away…and wait for a shuttle…then ride 8 blocks to work in morning traffic. Did I mention I was already late? So I started telling myself, “this is going to be a terrible day! I’m starting out late, I don’t have time to get coffee and get to my office.” Then I had to stop myself. HOLD ON! I will NOT let this ruin my whole day! So I tried to find something positive in the experience. I reminded myself I have a salary position. That means I didn’t “clock in” so if I was 10 minutes late, I could just stay 10 minutes late at the end of my day to make up for it. Shew…I dodged a bad day by simply getting my perspective in check!

I have done a lot of self care to get myself to a place where my gut reaction is to find the good in hard situations. It doesn’t come naturally for me. When I feel surrounded by my problems, God helps me work through them. I definitely couldn’t do it on my own.

It may feel like YOU are surrounded….but You’re surrounded by a God that loves you and wants to fight for you. You need only to be still and let Him.

Dear God, please help me to surrender to You and give you all my trials. I don’t want to walk through them but I know you have a purpose and a plan for my life. I trust you to guide me through. Thank you for fighting for me when I don’t have the strength. Thank you for your unconditional love and grace. Amen.

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Sisters Who…let love win.

Let Love Have The Last Word. That’s the title of the book by Common we read this month in Book Club. Every time I think of the name of that book it reminds me of the worship song, “The Cross Has The Final Word”.

The cross has the final word 
The cross has the final word 
Sorrow may come in the darkest night 
But the cross has the final word 

The cross has the final word 
The cross has the final word 
Evil may put up its strongest fight 
But the cross has the final word
The cross has the final word 
The cross has the final word 
The Savior has come with the morning light 
The cross has the final word 

The cross has the final word 
The cross has the final word 
He traded death for eternal life 
The cross has the final word 

There’s nothing stronger 
Nothing higher Nothing greater 
than the name of Jesus 
All the honor All the power 
All the glory to the name of Jesus

I started thinking about those phrases. The cross was the ultimate show of love. “He traded death for eternal life“. God let his son die on a cross to give us eternal life. How could anyone show more love than that? If we are called to be like Christ then shouldn’t we be showing love to all those around us too?

So then, how do we show love? In Luke 6 he talks about how easy it is to love those that love us, and to loan money to those that we know will pay us back. He goes on to say, even sinners do this (v 32-34). But in verse 35 he explains how to truly love.

Let love have the last word in your life this week. Do something good without expectations to someone who may not deserve it. Let Love Win.

Dear God, thank you for the amazing gift of eternal life. Help us to show love to our enemies and give without expectation. Lord, please bless and help us to become who you have called us to be. Amen.

Sisters Who…Forgive


This week we are talking about Forgiveness. Let’s start by digging in to what the Bible says about forgiveness.

Bear with each other and forgive one another if any of you has a grievance against someone. Forgive as the Lord forgave you. (1 Colossians 3:13)

For if ye forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you (Matthew 6:14)

But if ye do not forgive, neither will your Father which is in heaven forgive your trespasses. (Mark 11:26)

God calls us to forgive just as He calls us to love. We are to forgive as God forgives. He forgives us even though we disobey, worship false gods, and don’t trust his guidance. All we have to do is ask, and He forgives us.

Forgiveness is not fair. The person that wronged you may not deserve forgiveness sometimes, but neither do we. I am reading a devotional by Rick Warren called Love Forgives on the Bible app. He makes a good point. “We all want justice for everybody else and forgiveness for ourselves.” I had to read that a few times. We want everyone else to pay for what they’ve done but expect others to overlook our wrong doings. Rick Warren also says, “God is going to have the last word….Leave the justice part to God.” We are called to love and forgive. Not to judge. That’s God’s job.

I believe it is ok to take time to grieve and deal with the hurt. Continuing to carry that hurt for a long time and not dealing with it causes resentment. To forgive is not to forget. Forgiving means you let go of that weight you are carrying. It is such a relief to be able to forgive and move on. I love a book we read in our Book Club called The Greatest You by Trent Shelton. He talks a lot about forgiveness and burning bridges. Just because you forgive doesn’t mean you have to let someone continue to hurt you. It’s ok to burn a bridge if that person is not healthy for you or your family. I no longer have a relationship with my Dad because he was not healthy for me to be around. I forgave him long ago, but I can’t let him continue to hurt me or my family. I have worked through my hurt. It is so sad that my kids don’t have their grandpa in their lives but would it be healthy for them to have that relationship? I have prayed a lot about this…

Don’t keep hurting sisters. It’s not worth the pain you are going through. Please find a way to deal with the hurt. We are always here if you need support and a listening ear. Remember that God is just a breath away.

Dear God, please help me to find forgiveness for those that have hurt me. I no longer want to bear the weight of this load. I want to forgive them as you have forgiven me. Help me to feel the weight lift off my shoulders and calmness wash over me. Amen.

Sisters Who…Love


In Mark 12, verses 30-31, a teacher of the law asked Jesus what the greatest commandment is. Jesus said, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.’ The second is this: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no commandment greater than these.”

Did you hear what He said? Love. Love is the answer to the greatest question. Our Pastor this week talked about this as well. He said love is one of the languages of Heaven. To speak this language we must understand that we have nothing if we don’t have Love!

Do you know the difference between being “religious” and “spiritual”? You can do anything “religiously”. That just means you do it repeatedly. I read my Bible religiously, i.e. every day. The definition of spiritual is: relating to or affecting the human spirit or soul as opposed to material or physical things. To have a true bond with God you need to have a relationship with Him. That means you must let Him “affect your spirit and soul.”

As I grow in my relationship with God, I feel His Spirit move in me. I talk to Him like I would a friend. I trust Him to guide me in the right direction so I can do my best work for His Kingdom. This is a special bond I refuse to let go of. That’s what the Greatest Commandment is all about.

The second greatest commandment is to Love Others. God put you here to affect those around you. To choose to love them is to choose Jesus’s path. He knew what the end of His life would look like yet He still chose to love. Share your journey with others and be their shoulder to cry on in hard times. I promise, you won’t regret it!

Dear God, please help me to love others as you love me. Help me to see them through your eyes. I want to build my relationship with you by keeping You as my focus. Please help me to be a light in a dark world. Amen.

Sisters Who…Take Care


Hey Sisters! I know how hard life can be. Believe me, I have hard times too. But trusting in God is one of the best things I have ever done. The Bible says in Nahum 1:7, “The LORD is good, a refuge in times of trouble. He cares for those who trust in him”.

My family and I just moved to a new house, while having Covid. We had to reschedule the truck and the movers since we were all in quarantine. We moved 2 households into one and it wasn’t easy! But God has a plan, right? That’s what we are always told. The Bible even says it in Jeremiah 29:11, a very familiar verse;

I have faith that God knows what is best for my life. So when things don’t go as I planned, I know God’s plan is better than what I could imagine. When our move got pushed back a week, it meant we had an extra week to pack, prepare the new house, and get some extra cleaning done. We are abundantly blessed to have this incredible house that meets our needs, and wants, so well. It is the perfect house for us! I want to stay focused on the blessings and not the downfalls of the process. I choose to see this last month as a testament to how much I trust in God to handle every thing that comes my way.

So when something hard happens, choose to take care of your mental and spiritual health and trust God, who loves you unconditionally, to take care of the rest.

Dear God, please help me to take care of me so I can take care of others. Help me to follow what You have planned for my life no matter how difficult this life becomes. I love you so much and I know you will guide me down the correct path as long as I follow your lead. Amen.

Love you, Sisters. have a great week!

Sisters Who…ask questions.


This week in Book Club we are discussing the last few chapters of Dave Hollis’ book, Get Out Of Your Own Way. In these chapters he talks about getting to know people that aren’t like you. That requires you to ask questions.

When getting to know people that don’t act like, look like, or believe like you, you have to ask them to tell you about their story. We gravitate towards people that look like us because it is familiar. Dave says in his book, “we fear the things that are unfamiliar, that we don’t know.” How true that is!

God says, “I will lead the blind by ways they have not known, along unfamiliar paths I will guide them; I will turn the darkness into light before them and make the rough places smooth. These are the things I will do; I will not forsake them.” Isaiah 42:16

God will “lead the blind…along unfamiliar paths”. He is leading you out of your comfort zone. It doesn’t say He is dropping you off. He is right there with you! He will NOT forsake you. God wants us to stretch ourselves for His kingdom. We need to reach out to people that are not like us and get to know them. They need to feel God’s love too. That is your challenge this week. Ask questions and become knowledgeable about someone else’s journey. You will learn something new and understand the world a little more in the process.

Dear God, please open my eyes and help me to see the good in people. Help me to see that different is not scary. People just need kindness and an outstretched hand. They need to be understood. Please help me to really listen to their story and to care for them today and every day. Amen.

Sisters Who…are grateful.


Imagine you have a disease that has NO cure and Jesus walks up to you and says just a few words and heals you. What is your reaction?

In Luke 17, Jesus was walking along and came cross 10 men with leprosy. With just 6 words he healed all 10 of them!
“When he saw them, he said, “Go, show yourselves to the priests.” And as they went, they were cleansed.” Luke 17:14.
What happened next is what God has put on my heart this week. Only 1 of them came back to say thank you. 1!! Jesus then says, “Were not all ten cleansed? Where are the other nine?” Luke 17:17.

Our family has had a very trying, weird, stressful, bizarre few weeks. Let’s just be honest…it has been a bizarre year! Throughout everything that has gone on, I have chosen to keep my eyes on God and all the blessings He has given us. Chosen…the most important word there. We all have the choice of what to focus on. Do you focus on the negatives or the positives?

I want to challenge you this week to sit down at the end of you day and write down 5 things you are thankful for. They can be as simple as a cup of coffee or it can be something big like buying a house! When you have to go through out your day looking for things to be thankful for, you will find them!

Dear God, as we continue in another weird week in this crazy year, please help me to remember all the amazing things you do for me every day. I am so thankful that you opened my eyes to another beautiful day and gave me breath. I am thankful for the health that I have and my ability to move my body in any capacity I can. Please help me to see the blessings in my life rather than the disappointments. Amen.

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Sisters Who Grow


Last week I felt a lot of anxiety piling on my shoulders! We are moving very soon which means LOTS of boxes to pack, forms to sign, and things to buy! My step kids are in town for a couple weeks for summer as well! Yay!…THEN, the realtor of our current house, which we are renting, called to say he wants to start showing our house. So not only are there boxes everywhere, extra people living with us, now I have to clean everything, everyday?! Cue the anxiety!

I needed to decompress. I needed to take care of my mental health. I have gotten to know myself pretty well and I knew I needed to go for a walk/run. So I told my husband that I was overwhelmed and needed to get away for a little bit. He told me to go. That alone calmed me down. Knowing that I have an understanding/loving husband helps my anxiety a lot as well.

The next morning my sister and I went for a walk…by ourselves. I needed adult time to talk about everything going on and so did she. There is something so refreshing about going outside and enjoying nature. Sometimes I pray, sometimes I want someone to walk with me, sometimes I need to run. In any case it gets my frustrated, overwhelmed, crazy energy out and I feel better.

Anxiety can overtake you pretty quickly, but getting to know yourself and what your needs are will help you fight off the anxiety. This takes time and growth. You have to feel uncomfortable, and embrace it, to truly become who God made you to be.

In Deuteronomy 30:16 Moses says, For I command you today to love the Lord your God, to walk in obedience to him, and to keep his commands, decrees and laws; then you will live and increase, and the Lord your God will bless you in the land you are entering to possess.

“Walk in obedience….then you will live and increase“. Follow the path God has for you, no matter how tough it seems, and you will be blessed with increase.

Let’s pray: Dear God, please show us the path we should go. Guide our steps and hear our prayers. We ask that you will give us the strength to step out into the unknown being unsure of our situation but sure that you will guide us where we need to go. Thank you for all the many blessings you have bestowed on us. We love you, God. Amen.